March 21, 2019

  • More GNU/Linux administration class today.
  • Finally got people to test things, so im promoting a bunch of changes to production this afternoon.
  • Playing in my first ever session of Overlight this evening after work. (Built a character back in January but missed the first session a couple weeks back.)

It suddenly occurs to me that I talk a lot about playing in lots of different tabletop roleplaying games, in a way im growing self conscious of and im briefly going to explain why its not as decadent as it seems:

In my circle of geographic nearby friends there are two people who general DM. Me and a very old friend of mine. He tends to runs two games, which meet once every two weeks; usually a week night. I tend to run two games, both of which meet once a month usually a weekend. And as a general rule lately we each play in one of the other’s games.

So for example im running a 5e game for my fiance, and his BFF and his BFF’s family. And im runnin a MajiMonsters game which includes my old college friend a bunch of the regulars from his games.

He is running a 5e game (which I don’t have time to play in) and he is also running Overlight right now, which I am playing in.

So on a good run we are still only talking about three or four evenings out of the month. And we regularly cancel games, due to illness / gone due to confrence / vacation / holidays / etc.


Nah, don’t worry about it. I mean, share yer life, I’m always interested in what other folks do, logistically. I don’t know why we “talk shop” but rarely “talk home” or “talk routine”. I like that, I learn from it. But aside from @tim, I doubt anyone is feeling critical of your shares (@tim is historically very envious, so don’t let em know I said so!). :slight_smile:

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It’s all true.

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Tonight’s Orville is mind boggling, ties together so many strange and interesting concepts!

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