February 3, 2019

i can’t go back to sleep! part of it is that i fell asleep on my couch and slept very badly for most of the night.

Grabbing lunch with my mother and little brother today. Its a burger joint but they carry the beyond burger patty as an option on most of their menu items; and it’s like my favorite veggie burger ive had so far. Though I have not tried the supposedly amazing Impossible Burger yet. (Not available near me, but I need to remember to see if I can stop in somewhere and try it when im in NYC this April.)

Ive got some homework for the classes im taking this semester to churn through today too.

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Today I played D&D with our usual group. While it was fun, I feel like the DM gives 2 members of our group more attention than the other members, including myself. So I feel rather left out, like I don’t get to say much. I admit to being an introvert and kinda quiet, but I’m trying to become more outgoing and it’s really tough for me.

I thought D&D would help me a lot more, and at first it did, but gradually over time it’s been not as helpful. I might talk to the DM about this, but I feel like he wouldn’t understand, as he is a bit terse sometimes.

Anyways, glad to hear that the rest of y’all are doing well! I hope to hear more about MajiMonsters and stuff!

Edited to add: This should really go in the Feb 3rd Log… lol.