Questing the games

I heard End Game, the well known game shop in Oakland, is closing in Feb. It makes me want to game more than ever, since the world isn’t lining up to play.

So I thought this morning, what is a decent pool to get started with. Steam is out. I just can’t bring myself to install it. That leaves four pools:

  • FOSS games
  • Humble Bundle games that install without Steam
  • ROMs
  • GOG

FOSS games are gonna have to be incorporated as I think of them, because there are just too many, and no one is recommending. I mean, I will, in time.

Trying to find humble bundle games that work is, um, work. No thanks.

ROMs are an option, but I’m working on a separate project concerning them, so we’ll skip for now.

That leaves GOG. I have 44 games in my library, either because they take games from Steam, or cool peeps by me D&D games! :slight_smile: I filtered them by OS (Linux), and created quests fro each:

Wow, that’s a lot!

So my precious peeps, you get to decide what I’ll play next! It is going to be one of those games (and those D&D archives have bunches of games in them!). Nice variety there! Get voting!

Dear friends! Pick games that you think I should play and games you have access to (even if they are just cheap, we can pick them up if you want to play, too!). Because we are gonna talk sooooo much about these games. :slight_smile:

I have the below games; I’ve put asterisks by ones I’ve actually played:

Braid *
BIT.TRIP Runner *
To The Moon

I never 100%ed Braid, but I liked it. I found out about it from Vienna Teng’s blog.

I played a lot of FTL. I even bought the soundtrack on vinyl. (I later gave away all my vinyl, the last time I moved, because I’ve never owned a record player. That was a different kind of 100%.) Hundreds of hours in, I still sucked at FTL. I only ever unlocked like two of six ships in vanilla, before any DLC came out. I liked playing the Engi ship. FTL is the only game I’ve ever reviewed on Steam.

There’s a typo. I’m working on bring able to accept the permance of web artifacts.

I haven’t played Into The Breach (same studio, just out in the last few months) at all yet (nor have I purchased it).

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Trine is so great! Hey, vote! Shall we get into FTL? Wanna try…ne? Trine. :slight_smile:

There are several of these I am interested in that I desperately need an excuse to get into. Especially Baldur’s Gate / Planescape and “To The Moon”. I also completed Shadowrun Returns and keep meaning to circle around to Dragonfall and Hong Kong.

Though I promised myself I would check out a new scifi MUD sometime this weekend; as it is launching… And im trying to be a bit more focus about the games Ive started and not finished yet on the Switch…

Now im remembering Im terribly at coordinating my gaming with anybody.

Well vote on the things that interest you. You don’t have to do the thing I’m doing now, what it means is that I am gonna use it as a signal, and document it, which if nothing else will serve as an enjoyable, personal resource for when and if you play it in the future. :slight_smile:

We are never gonna get everyone to do the same thing, so I really want folks to think of “votes” as currency to direct the collective interest!

@trashHeap, @tim and @judytuna, is the voting thing clear? I mean, I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever explained it adequately.

The reason I ask is if you visit, the total votes come to 20. Did I give enough votes out? I presume you all have a bunch. Are those games not interesting? I figure if you mention a game, it is of interest. But that isn’t happening, so what am I doing wrong? I wanna get a stupid friendly voting thing going! :slight_smile:

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I checked, and I think everyone has enough votes to go around:

Honestly it didn’t click in my brain that I ought to vote to express interest. Figured it out pretty quickly once I went looking for it.

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I did not get around to it until now! But I see that I’ve only made more ties. D:

It’s no problem! I like folks being casual but participating: we will have a long tail of interest, and I like this low intensity of showing interest in something that another person might enjoy. If we make those small discoveries together, the quest board succeeded! :slight_smile:

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i would like someone to draw our long tail of interest

I used an app on my phone to bring you this data!

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I just imported what I believe is referred to as a buttload of games (they are actually linked to from that post, but you can also see them at #quest-board).

Okay, now there should be plenty of fodder to vote on! :slight_smile: And if you have a bunch of games and want to do a similar thing, let me know (and send me your SteamID and make sure your games list is public)!

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