Discover Forgotten Realms: The Archives - Collection Two

Continuing the discussion from Discover Eye of the Beholder (Series):

Wow, there are a lot of games in this one! I imagine they are not very good… :slight_smile:

  • Pool of Radiance
  • Curse of the Azure Bonds
  • Hillsfar
  • Secret of the Silver Blades
  • Pools of Darkness
  • Gateway to the Savage Frontier
  • Treasures of the Savage Frontier
  • Forgotten Realms Unlimited Adventures

FRUA has an fairly active community, still.

OMFG, these games are so boring! I had a lot more patience when these were the only things on offer, but I personally don’t feel they aged well. Maybe a better quest is to convert these to NWN:EE or something… :grimacing: