A markdown/hypertext Warrior, Rogue, and Mage SRD

Continuing the discussion from Make a hypertext SRD for Warrior, Rogue, and Mage:

We might as well just do it here. If you download the WRM SRD, it is an RTF file. So I’m gonna use pandoc to convert it to markdown (is that possible?!) and see what it pops out. This is a wiki, so we’ll see if it fits. :slight_smile:

wrmsrd-clean.html.txt (332.7 KB)

That is the wrmsrd unrtf’d and then tidy’d; still have a massive amount of spans, anyone know how to remove those? I can get the text out, and to make sense as web docs each section needs minor adjustments, so we still need to go through each section, hence why I’m not trying super hard to get that text out as one doc. :slight_smile:

Oh damn, that ain’t gonna work. The doc is still 48,000+ characters. It would be irresponsible to load that at once. We’ll have to break it down by chapter/section, and post elsewhere.

BTW, I used a neat app called unrtf to convert the RTF to HTML. It isn’t clean, but the rendering is quite nice. :slight_smile:

Body is limited to 42000 characters; you entered 49883.


I went through and fixed a bunch of the headers. It’s almost there, just gotta fix some tables, maybe format the spells for hypertext.

I don’t feel like marking up a bunch of this document and then copying and pasting it elsewhere. So… I’m setting up a web space for it to live, and will post the WIP document as we go. :slight_smile: