About the Suffrage category

Suffrage is the active right to vote, and is the cornerstone of democracy. This space is to assist in creating informed citizens.

You’ll note that this is not a political forum, but no doubt the conversation will become political. We want to share resources and seek clarification on the voting process, and that sometimes means cutting through propaganda generated by groups that favor one side or another on an issue that is up for vote. By posting here you joining our endeavor to hold a civil discourse in a safe space.

In other words, we will bring the ban hammer down hard on folks harassing others, and will try our best to talk about weird, emotional stuff in a way that doesn’t drown out our fellows’ voices.

As for the discussions started here, we are looking for the following:

  • Information on how to vote
  • Ballot information at different levels of government (local, regional and national)
  • Discussions of individual proposition/initiatives/voting matters

Think of this as a party where you invite your friends over to talk about the issues coming up in your election cycle. You want to be heard, but you always make everyone feel safe to be at the party. Welcome to our voting party.