Who gets to post where?

I wanted to make a note about my personal policy, which at the moment is “official” policy for talkgroup (getting to that…).

Anyhow, Discourse has all kinds of neat and interesting ways to set up permissions, giving groups or trust levels access to post, read or reply to topics.

I don’t use them.

I definitely don’t want spam on the site, and I don’t want folks to be harassed. One day that may become an issue, but at the moment it is not. And as this isn’t my first rodeo, let me say: talkgroup is scaling at the rate I am comfortable with!

I have an idea a second, and I love hacking at talkgroup. I have more ideas to discuss and build soon, but all of these kinda indicate that we want/need more participants.

Maybe not.

This site provides different things to each of us, but I don’t think low volume actively irritates anyone. One day it might be a lot more active, and when that happens I will be ready to set permissions and train folks on using filters (Discourse has amazing filters!), but for the meantime we are keeping it reasonably slow. :slight_smile:

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Yeah man, I am 100% comfortable with the growth here. :slight_smile: Thanks for keeping this ship running!

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