Talkgroup, in for the long haul

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My policy for registering domains is to start with one year, and if I haven’t done anything interesting with it when renewal comes up I let it expire. No squatting here. But if I have done something cool, I renew for the maximum amount of time possible. expires on 2025-04-30. :slight_smile:

Right now we are discussing making it easier for cross-posting from other sites, so we have the option to use Discourse as a tool for conversation. I started investigating easy ways to subscribe to my blog for folks that don’t use RSS (which is the bomb and you should get a hit of this stuff!), but was disappointed that everything was either too difficult to deploy without worrying about it (self-hosted plugin stuff), or defaulted to privacy issues (like Mailchimp).

Talkgroup is a place to talk, of course. I haven’t quite pinned down the policies there, but I will in the coming week. It is intended to be a general discussion space that is free of toxic and harassing speech, with no other real theme. It is a relatively young community, so if you are looking for a place to hang out with some cool folks, there are worst places on the web. :slight_smile:

Also, 2025-04-30! Like, the future of the future!


I share your feeling on RSS :stuck_out_tongue:
Trying this out and looks quite slick!

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