AIDS Walk San Francisco

You know who is awesome? Susan! She works and is a mom and is my favorite person! And now she is walking a lot and raising money for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, as well as other many other AIDS service orgs.

You should donate on her behalf, for three simple reasons:

  1. It is a good cause, and donating is something that nice people do (that was kind of two reasons, ne?).
  2. It is important to me that Susan win. In this case, it means raising more money than the other people on her team!
  3. One of my only real fears is of large mobs of people. Susan is being courageous, and is intentionally hanging out with a large mob of people. Crazy!

So give her money! Well, on her behalf! Over at :slight_smile:

Addendum (27 June 2012): As Parker pointed out, the link above may not work. Don’t let that stop you! Go to

Thanks, Parker! :slight_smile:

Damn @susan, you’re awesome!

Thank you! I am very good at walking. :laughing: