Birth plan

Below is our birth plan (only five months later!). When we got to the hospital, we gave this to them when we signed-in. We had gone to many different classes and were aware of the all the things that could happen, and what our options were. We sat down and figured out what was most important to us.

Susan and Clover’s health were most important, obviously, but we were very serious about bonding with Clover, and we didn’t want em to be out of our sight, and we wanted em to know that we were on eir side in the relatively cold and bright world e was just born into.

Susan Magnolia’s Birth Plan
Partner: maiki interi
Doula: Hillary Wollin

We would like maiki to be with Susan at all times.

We would like our doula Hillary with Susan in labor and delivery.

Mobility and moving around is important. If available, we would like to use the mobile external monitoring device.

If an IV is needed, Susan prefers it to be in her left arm.

Susan is trying for a vaginal birth, without the use of drugs during labor. She may change her mind about using pain medication at anytime.

We want to avoid a cesarean, unless the baby is in harm.

It is important to us that our baby goes straight to Susan’s chest after delivery. If that is not possible, our baby should go to maiki.

maiki is to be with the baby anytime that Susan cannot.

Susan would like to breast feed as soon as possible after delivery.

We do not wish to participate in cutting the umbilical cord, and are interested in donating the cord blood.

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