Today is Clover’s due date. The last few days have been getting tough, because despite how great the experience is, we are ready to have Clover in the larger world.

When I say “we” are ready, what I mean is, stick a fork in Susan, she is done. And I am resolved to have her comfortable and much less pregnant.

My brain is a jumble, but I am doing fine. I guess everything just seems surreal. Sometimes when I feel Clover moving around, which is powerful and exudes intent, I feel like I am thrust into the total perspective vortex.

The last few days I’ve found myself pondering morality and patterns. I am much more Buddhist than I thought. Sometimes it is nice to know that there were a million people before me who came to the same conclusion. On the other hand, sometimes it isn’t.

So, we are on standby. :slight_smile: