Been up to

I am behind on journaling, but not because I am particularly lazy. I find myself staring at my monitor, often without touching the keyboard. The reason is because it is hard to type with a sleeping baby in your arms. That said, I get by.

Anyhow, here is some stuff on my mind.


Today Clover weighs 8 pounds 11.6 ounces. Everyday e shows more awareness. Also, everyday I notice things in Clover that I love about Susan. So, that is fun. :slight_smile:

I am working on a site that combines many different feeds, a kind of Planet Clover. No ETA on when it is done, but I have planned it out. It will be the one stop place for all your Clover news, photos and gossip!

Operating systems

I switched from Ubuntu to Fedora. I am still rocking Gnome 3, but for some reason it is a lot more responsive. I think it is less to do with switching, and more with just installing fresh. Of course, Ubuntu doesn't make it easy to install.

There are some small differences between the distros, though by far the most difficult is the seemingly internet-wide consensus that I am running Ubuntu. I don’t know what kind of hype Ubuntu has generated, but Fedora is surprisingly strong in its repositories. It seems that a lot of interesting software is included in it, whereas Ubuntu required me to constantly add personal repositories to get what I wanted.

I am not going to call it until I’ve had more time to play, but I think I am done with Ubuntu for good. Besides the personal issue of this computer just not working very well in it (which is justification enough, of course), I keep getting this sense that Ubuntu, or really, Canonical, is getting more and more creepy everyday. I do not support such behavior, and I am tired of trying to change my computer and finding a constant deluge of drama surrounding whatever stupid design decision someone at Canonical made.

Drupal 7 migrations

I have three clients running Drupal 6 at the moment. None of them are particularly easy to upgrade. However, I’ve been doing extensive research into how to best do so.

Something that I will write more about is the Omega theme framework, as well as using Delta and Context to make some really agile and cool looking sites.

One thing that I’ve gotten used to is setting up a development environment where I’ve learned to use git and Features to speed up testing and deployment.

Nexia Tactics

I am participating in NaGa DeMon this month, and of course I have lots of ideas to dump onto the (digital) page. The goal is to get Nexia Tactics in playable form by the end of the month.

Having a goal has been really helpful, since it forces me to really choose what I feel strongly about. Turns out there is a lot, but when I research how other games are made I lose sight with what I want to build. Since working on it this month I’ve come to a decision on how I want the narrative to form, and what the in-game assumptions are; it isn’t exactly orthodox high-fantasy, but it is close. I like to think of it as if I got to create D&D 4e, but was unrestrained by the animation and video game influences I have.

I know that is going to push some people away, but I think that it will allow for a greater spectrum of gameplay than 4e. I have two weeks to show it off.

Moving along

I want to expand on each of these topics, and more… but Clover is waking up, and since it is 4:30 in the morning, I should start considering sleep myself. :slight_smile: