January 20, 2019

Just now I reached in my pocket to grab my mobile. Pulling my hand out my ring slipped off.

I saw it in slow motion, and heard and felt the clangs through the rainy mist and electroswing in my ears. I caught up to it, but that is a new fear I hold. I guess… a necklace? Under the shirt, probably works.

We had a lot of dress up fun today!

Here is Clover rocking a Wendy-vibe:

We were rocking out, and C needed to jam, and this is the outfit one jams in:

Oh yes, there is posing!

Trying to “think posh”:

And then showing off stcikers… but keeping the glasses without lens on… because Clover! :heart:

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(retroactive post)

My VPS membership with SDF ends February-ish so I had meaning to move my hugo blog / xmpp server off of it for some time. I spent the day rolling those over to the same FreeBSD VPS im running Friendica off of; and finished tidying up the place. Firewall rules, Fail2Ban, Cron jobs to renew let’s encrypt certs, Cron jobs to automate updating my blog should I ever do it, etc.

Typically I keep two VPSes running. One for very public facing services (Friendica, XMPP) and one running services for just me or a small group. (RSS Bridge, Personal code repos, Jiraffeau).

I have everything running on the same software stack now (FreeBSD 12 + Lighttpd + MariaDB) and ive become quite fond of just how easy FreeBSD upgrades have proven to be for me; so im hoping this proves easy to maintain.

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It worked for Frodo!

You are making me really want to try out FreeBSD again. It’s been… 17 years since last time, I think?