April 11, 2019 - Thur

Solving more data problems within our ITSM system today.

Our Desktop Management team has an inventory headache im trying to help them mitigate. Our Faculty/Staff are on a four year computer refresh cycle. However your candidacy for if your elligible for a new computer is tied to how recently your position got a new computer, not you individually. Computers are tied to positions not people.

Our ITSM system has no concept (better to say no meaningful concept) of positions. And it’s inventory system is a snapshot of present conditions. Its not good at tracking employee ownership over time.

The best solution is to give it one. However we can’t right now. Despite much wailing on my end we have some issues preventing me from sucking up that kind of data from our ERP system.

So we are building a kind of tansaction log in the ITSM to track official annual computer assignments basis. With relationships to the employee or workstation objects in question so they can all be searched this way. Capturing the year the assignment occured, to whom, the employee clasification, etc. And Caching all that data within the transaction log to provide historical context. Even if the individual employee and workstation objects change or get destroyed later.


Our friend came over for dinner, and it was a great dinner since @susan made chana masala. :slight_smile: