February 1, 2019

Running into unusual elastic errors, which are entirely out of my toolbox. So helping another dev try to figure this out. Of course, it is when we’re trying to make a thing live.

Today I’m trying the 16/8 intermittent fasting thing, so I haven’t eaten yet. I’m hungry, but not overly so. I can eat from 11:30 to 19:30.

The wierdest shit happens when im working remotely.

Someone who serves as my backup in our ITSM system; may have been working on a personal feature request on our development copy, and somehow outgoing emails suddenly went live in the development copy too. Neither of which should have entirely been happening, and were going on without me being aware.

There is supposed to be a rule which routes such things to a special mailbox, but these emails went out live to users.

As our development copy has a random subset of data from production, it was largely a combonation of them being emailed about old tickets and old service requests; or random bogus entries generated while someone was debugging things.

Nothing too serious, but I found out when people suddenly started forwarding me bogus but seemingly authentic emails from our ITSM system.

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My day is so far without technical difficulties!

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At my lunch, I ate about the same amount as normal. I feel fine.

I think this could work really well for me. Not an every day thing, but maybe a couple times a week.

What is that? Why aren’t you saying the “2 intermittent fasting thing”? I know you know math, nerd. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Got my XMPP server up to 77% on the Conversations XMPP compliance test.

Spending the rest of the evening on laundry and prepping for the MajiMonsters game tomorrow.


Got an email inviting me to the third interview. :slight_smile:

Cool, I’m doing the same thing! I mean, I’m setting up a server. Following homebrewserver.club, so I’ll see how quick this goes. And how much of the compliance test it meets.

I’m looking forward to having federated group chats!

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the 1000/100 fasting thing!

the 960/480 fasting thing!

the super nintendo/nintendo fasting thing!

i am so tired. our hosting company had a lunar new year dinner today! they decorated the office in red and gold. i wore red today for the occassion because i am also a nerd.

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