Janurary 13, 2019

Hey, how’s yer day going? :slight_smile:

Poor C. Hopefully she will bounce back soon.

I made some seitan while I security patched my home server and VPSes this morning.

Tidied stuff up on the VPSes so I am well positioned to do an OS overhaul on one and be ready to poke around with friendica sometime after work this week.

It’s a lazy quiet sunday for me. I did a good job focusing on my alloted goals for the week, so I plan on kinda doing whatever the mood strikes me this afternoon.

I’ve played some Breath of Fire; as ive been playing it in short bursts here and there. Not very far, ive never played it before. Im probably going to be bouncing between it and Wandersong today. (video games were a low priority goal this week after all). I might consume another lecture from MIT’s open courseware on Lisp/Scheme.

The part that suxors is that it is a 2 day illness, almost every Friday. So… what is even the point?!

This is a sore spot for our family. T_T

I’m hoping to track how often everyone over here gets sick in these dailies. :slight_smile:

I know all these web app folks, even the free warez folks, kinda hate on PHP. But I fondly remember when everything was a PHP app, and we loaded them all up on one VPS, just us and 50 of our closest buds…

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Today was spent hanging at home, with a kinda delirious Clover. Fevers are the worse, they really mess with interi, a kind known to have loose grasps of the mainline paracosm at any given moment…