January 15, 2019

It is raining hard, but not in our home. And we do not take that for granted. Here’s our gift to you, our dry friends, you may also be grateful. :slight_smile:

Clover is doing well, and we are going with no school until 24 hours of no fever. So that means starting tomorrow. Here’s hoping I don’t pay thousands of dollars or are imprisoned for it. :roll_eyes:

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I am 1/3 of way through my big deadline, and making ok progress. We’re building a really cool system for automated report generation, relying on dynamic relationships between companies that they themselves manage (with another tool I built!).

It sounds boring, but is actually super interesting. (to me).

Also, I had a breakthrough this morning on what to do with my fledging CSS Grid-based 2D game engine, and it is wonderful. Will make a separate post about that.

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Why lisp? Just to know stuff?

For the past decade or two; my programming language experience has been almost entirely in the C++/Java/C#/Vala “family”. (Though im getting rusty on some of those.)

C# and Vala are probably the ones ive most recently coded in but ive been unhappy with them in recent years. Ive honestly felt a little betrayed by Mono/Xamarian even before the Microsoft buyout; as their monetization model seemed to treat GNU/Linux as a second class citizen in terms of Mono’s mobile development tools.

I like Vala but I also value code I write being multiplatform and while you can kinda get Vala going on non *nix platforms its not really the design goal of the language nor should it be. I liked having all of the gtk and gnome ecosystem at my fingertips; but it seemed like a pain i nthe but if I needed to reach outside of it.

So I’ve been in the mood for a change for a while. There’s lots of lispy/schemey reasons to go into too; but there numerous enough for their own thread.

Honestly the plan is to learn lisp and the curses & SDL bindings to make text and 2d games with as I have ideas there; and to brush off C++ and learn Qt for other applications. (Also hope to do server side cgi scripting with lisp too.)

Qt has the only UI stack that can target Replicant/Android and native GNU/Linux with the same code simultaneously (outside of games using SDL/OpenGL/etc); and something tells me in a couple of years all these GNU/Linux phone projects in progress are going to need apps.

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My evening plans were significantly derailed due to a flat tire this evening. The university I work at is rural and I have a kinda lengthy commute with no mass transportation option. So it took a bit to sort and a while to get back home afterwards.

That being said the tire was patchable; which hardly ever turns out that way for me. So im still counting that as a win; just not a good evening for after work goals.

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Earlier today I noticed our bedroom window is falling out. There is a widening gap up in the corner, in a part of the window that isn’t supposed to open. I’ve notified the company.

i left work late. there’s a lot to do, but when isn’t that true? it’s hard to regulate my mood and i go wildly from “everyone who i tell about my new job says wow that sounds perfect for you, which makes me feel confident and happy” to “someone made a huge mistake i don’t deserve this.” i try to remember i am lucky and alive and we’re all doing our best. my friend’s tumors turned out to not be benign. the new episode of the good place was hilarious. i went to a cappella rehearsal for the second week in a row last night, better than i’ve cone in months. and i used my sleep apnea machine. maybe i’ll use it tonight too. i walked home from bart in the rain and the soles of my boots are worn down so it’s slippery but i liked walking in the drizzle, and the crispness of the drops, and the fracturing of the streetlights and headlamps in puddles, and the roar of the bart train above.


Your lanlord really needs to work on this place in a serious way; im sorry you keep finding ways in which your home is falling apart; that seems miserable. Do you know if their treating any other properties this way? (As in your reoccurring roof issues.)