April 9, 2019

Work: Moving some months old customizations into production today. Development and testing had been mostly complete for a while. Leadership had been slow with approving the change request for the final move to production.

Classes: Still in bash the bash chapter of the intro to linux admin class. Im within three weeks of the final exam now. Almost done. The end of this class snuck up on me. Not in a “ahh I have so much work left to do” but a “oh thank god, I had settled in for the long haul and I forgot the semester ends.”

I may have mentioned before im going to have to take some intro to java classes in the fall. Mostly due to an emergent error in beaucracy, and converting old java university class codes to new java university class codes. Looking forward to having the summer to mess more with Scheme before then.

Maybe there might be some synergy with using a JVM scheme like GNU Kawa.

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still congested and dripping.

pge came out to look at our water heater, which stops often (and we relight the pilot light). wrote us a service report to tell the landlord to hire a licensed contractor to fix it.

the blueberries are coming in. last year’s are still there.

i’m going through boxes.

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