Atom 1.13

Not a project I actively track, but I’ve been doing WordPress theme development a lot lately, with a dozen or so files open at once. Gonna see if Atom has any advantages over tried and true gedit.

There is definitely something to say for good defaults. Take for instance the syntax colors for Atom versus gedit.



I spent a lot of time comparing the default color palettes that come with gedit, and I chose the one that I could read the easiest… but Atom’s default is easier on my eyes. So I am going to try it for a while.

I still think gedit is a terrific default text editor for GNOME! I just wish it had even a fraction of the developer support newer projects have. We’d have an even more exceptional OS.

I love Atom. I ran into some issues when I tried to use it primarily as my editor ~5 months ago.

  • Memory usage. It would suddenly balloon to over 3GB!! (it might be restricted to the fact I run OSX.)
  • Syntax highlighting spotty, specifically in PHP. It doesn’t support heredoc at all,which unfortunately is what one of our legacy projects uses extensively.

But maybe it’s time to give it a try again!

This seems to be an issue they are aware of, though haven’t solved yet:

It will probably work fine for what I am doing. Gonna put it through its paces today. :slight_smile: