Baldurs Gate III announced

Holy mother of god. Fair warning, this trailer is not kid friendly (some gore)

This is directly relevant to a conversation we’ve had here!!! @trashHeap @maiki especially must watch so we can nerd out on the… thing in this trailer!

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I’ll watch it, but I gotta say: those games have horrible plots. The first game is based on the premise of serial sexual assault by a god. I didn’t think there’d be another sequel, but I wanted to share my disappointment before any geeking out happened. :slight_smile:

Im not sure it will be a direct sequel. Their moving to the 5e incarnation of forgotten worlds, and there has been a lot of time. Theyll want people to be able to get onboard without prior baggage.

That being said Beam Dog who had nursemaded all of those old D&D games back to life and had plans to do a third game, are sudddenly out of the loop on this which makes me feel wierd about it from a “hey I liked those indie guys with their linux ports” perspective.

Still gotta play them though. Maiki’s content warnings appreciated. Ive always been curious about them from a reputation point of view and a D&D lore angle, but ive never had the patience to play them through.

BeamDog has reportedly rocked out with adding queer characters with the expanded content which also interests me. Kinda got to make my way to it eventually if I can make boys kiss in the RPG.

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Okay, I’m on board! I haven’t paid much attention to Beam Dog, as a company. I’m too busy reeling from the NWN community that’s been festering for a decade (I wouldn’t let Clover play on a server I didn’t host and knew every person playing).

Hey, you folks quest these, we’ll play them together. Then I can get my angst out all at once. :slight_smile:

Okay, I’ll download that video now…

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I meant contemporary, not multiplayer. Unless that is fun. I don’t think non-LAN MP would be as fun for those games. On the other hand, sitting around a table and playing on laptops sounds super fun!


I totally understand that, and I don’t think this is a direct sequel. From what I’m surmising, this plot is pretty simple and FRIGGIN AWESOME.

Okay, I watched it, and all I could think was…


Good times! @kevin, you probably want to take a gander. :slight_smile:

So, is D&D just Fantasy MCU at this point? I’m okay with that, maybe we can get better character representation, at the very least.


We are having spoilerful discussions at Baldurs Gate III post- trailer discussion. :slight_smile: