Baron Fig is my new Moleskin

Of course I’ve been a fan of Moleskin for many years. Like a conspiracy theorist compulsively purchasing Catcher in the Rye, I seemingly can not resist constantly purchasing new journals. Fortunately (or not), I tend to fill them out just as quickly.

About a year ago I experimented with a journal from Baron Fig, and really dug it. Their main journal is a hard cover, which I normally avoid, but it opens flat and allowed me to write across the page, behavior I kinda fell in love with. I’ve been working through my extra journals, but now it is time to refill so I looked to see what Baron Fig was up to. And then I saw a damn alchemist journal!

Whaaaat? So I ordered it the new Confidant and three triple packs of Seer, the limited edition Apprentice pocket notebooks. Those are so awesome, I can’t see me keeping game notes in anything else.

But then I got an email today about the new Vanguard series of softcover notebooks.

As they are also available in point grid, and three sizes, I am pretty sure I am done with Moleskin. Yay, notebooks! :slight_smile: