I picked up these notebooks for $5, and they are terrific. They work really well with my Baron Fig pens, but they have an IKEA logo on the back cover, so… all the more reason to make a contact plate!

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cute! are they blank inside?

…what are the other items they match with??? falls down ikea link hole

This was an experiment to capture the objects I purchase, and why. Because I would like to look back and reflect on my own consumption, and see where I can improve. Currently, I’m collecting notebooks, apparently. :slight_smile:

And yes, they are blank paper!

ah, i meant the question as a reference to how the ikea products website has a section for matching furniture xD “Good to know/
Coordinates with other products in the FJÄLLA and ANILINARE series.”


glad you’re liking 'em! are you still writing in them sideways? hot-dog style with the fold, i mean

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That should be the name of a track. And yep, I generally do. It’s really cool, I basically get the simplicity of a folded piece of paper, but the elegance of whatever binding a given notebook has. :slight_smile:

Those look nice! And just like the moleskins I prefer. (When I convince myself that I’ll write down things by hand…)

I was going to link to the Moleskin journals they are like, but Moleskin’s website is a joke, and also I like the IKEA notebooks better. Which isn’t saying much, but even the good Moleskin journals are not this good, mostly because the paper in both are fine, but the cover and binding on these are much better than Moleskins.