Make notebook contact "plates"

Whenever I get a new notebook, I write a blurb in the front about returning it, with my contact info.

However, my handwriting is not great, and I am not convinced they would actually contact me, since what kind of monster writes like Abbot and Costello from the movie Arrival…

So instead, they should be a way to print out some nice stickers to place on the inside covers, and it can have info on it that doesn’t change, like my email address.

How about $9 for 10 awesome custom stickers?

I’m totally going to do this and make Citracode stickers!

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Hey! That isn’t a bad idea! I could make something really cool, and 10 stickers should last me at least a couple of years (and if not, I am writing a lot more, so cool!). :slight_smile:

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The over engineered solution might be to get your display manager, screen locker, and or screen saver to display this information. Which is Android’s solution for this sort of thing. (I usually but my name and email address on the lock screen on my phone for this purpose.)

Though I like the sticker approach, especially since Ive grown into one of those people who enjoys putting stickers on their laptop.

I was referring to a physical writing notebook. :slight_smile:

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:sweat_smile: Oops. Serves me right for skimming.

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I’m almost definitely going to go with that sticker order, so now… what should I make?! I can do anything, so what is a cool design for a notebook name plate?

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Mostly whitespace. bottom left corner… Name over email address. Cool font of your choosing.

Why whitespace? If I am getting a sticker custom made, I am going all out! Maybe include some Clover artwork or something.

Also, and I am just brainstorming here: what does my bookplate say about me? It should ultimately serve to reassure the finder that I am a sane person, and may be generous? I want folks to return my notebooks if I lose them!

Yeah, good point!

Very true. ooh, you could (as part of it) put your business card idea layout on it. The email/xmpp combo.

I do like that, though I am note sure I will go with that style again. I meant for it to be kinda solarized, but I never came through with a site design to match. Now I am going to be messing with styles a bunch, I can create an independent branding system for this.

I was thinking of doing a small illustration (meaning I was gonna have someone else make me one). There are lots of folks doing art on Mastodon, so I might tap someone to make a little vignette for me. Oh, maybe Winnie the Pooh style, but weird and maiki. :slight_smile:

@susan, any ideas? Since it is for my own use, I could even use a nice image from something I already like… oh! Maybe a Makoto Shinkai landscape!

Random sampling:

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I now use Fabriano notebooks, and so quickly, I rarely have time to label them. And also I don’t travel anymore. :grimacing:

Neat idea, though. :slight_smile: