Can't create tags

When posting a new topic, I attempted to have tags for my post, but since no match was found the input field kept getting blanked out after losing focus. Can a user only use tags added to discourse?

I believe that is a setting, so I will look at it when I have a moment. Thanks for mentioning that. I want everyone to have the same experience, but my account is a little different, so I don’t notice things like that. :slight_smile:

There is a permissions field for user level at which a user can create a tag. We are currently using the default trust levels, which I like, and the trust level for creating tags is level 3.

The default level 3 requirements are kinda intense, but they also unlock a bunch of abilities, which is nice as it allows co-moderation without a lot of administrative overhead, by letting regulars do their thing.

When we think about tags, it can potentially create a poor experience if folks un-used to the idea are adding a bunch of cruft to the tag list. So we don’t want new, or even basic users to have that ability. Level 2 seems like it would be good to start tagging, since it means someone stuck around for a while, and has been active. Thoughts?

I leave it open to change in the future, but I’d like to not have any other moderators/admins at this time. The reason is that I want us to have a shared experience without there being tiers based on who knows who; it creates an inertia to participation for folks we don’t know. I have an admin account, but I still have the same limitations as others, for the most part.

Allowing level2 users to add tags makes sense to me. :slight_smile:

Cool, I set it to that. We should all have it in a couple weeks. :slight_smile: