Character creation alternatives in RPGs by Derek Gingrich· spc

I’ve been thinking about MUDs, and how numbers and stats are used to generate derived values. The article has some interesting ideas:

In D&D, a fighter would look something like this:

Strength 18 / Dexterity 10 / Constitution 14 / Intelligence 8 / Wisdom 10 / Charisma 10

If we try our multiple intelligences experiment, we may develop a fighter who looks like this:

Logical 4 / Spatial 5/ Linguistic 6/ Bodily 8/ Musical 3/ Interpersonal 6/ Intrapersonal 5/ Naturalistic 6/ Existential 4

And this funny quip:

D&D’s ability system, the first of its kind and incredibly useful and inventive when it was first introduced, is now ubiquitous and heavily replicated. It also doesn’t make a lot of sense.