Clover and...!

I have a bunch of little stories about Clover, but not all of them seem like they should have their own threads. Instead, I’ll collect them in this mega-thread and we can branch off as needed. :slight_smile:

c: You know what I don’t like?
m: Um… no. What do you have in mind?
c: Algae. I hate it.
m: Algae? Like…
c: I don’t like how it smells, I don’t like how it floats, how it bobs.
m: Oh, wow, this is a whole thing.

This is from about a year ago, but it still cracks me up. There was zero context! :slight_smile:


Clover was impressing me, and got caught up in how much e knew!

2 and 2 is 4, 10 and 10 is 20, 20 and 20 is 40, 40 and 40 is 80, 80 and 80 is… another thing.


One day we were walking down a block that had several separate instances of tiny dogs jumping on Clover.

I think I have dog nip on me…


We had been on a s’more kick, and it felt like every activity or thing could be related to enjoying s’mores! Include one day at lunch…

Olive tapenade and bread and tomatoes makes a healthy s’more!

S’mores are just sweet sandwiches…



Clover was playing a Mermaid Witch one day. I always have tons of questions about merfolk. I wanted to know how witches distinguished themselves from normal merfolk.

They can fly in the water!

I should have known that!


I’m gonna miss signs like these.


I think the lesson Clover took from us is that fashion is a state of mind…

Also, what is up with that pose?! OMG, I swear we don’t watch idol anime or anything! Kid knows how to frame those peepers!


Clover is sick. 103.3 F. Cooling, but not as much as we’d like.

But we have Travel Man! So watching all the Northern European cities, because they are all cold places that cool the mind!

And then it got late, and C has been sick all weekend, so let’s have popcorn! And our popcorn maker has this butter melting place, so I added some goat butter with vanilla sea salt. It melted, it was great. Except last time I used too much, so this time there wasn’t enough, as I compensated and didn’t add enough this time.

Well, I thought it was enough, but neither Clover nor @susan were thrilled. They immediately complained there wasn’t enough, and began rummaging around looking for buttery goodness. That’s what allowed me to hear this treat:

Clover: Mama, here’s a really a good one!
Susan: Ooh!
Susan pops it in eir mouth.
Clover: I know because I licked it!


C told me a joke this morning:

“Why doesn’t the alligator wear a hat on Tuesdays? Because they don’t own any!”

That’s my kind of joke!


There was a follow up!

“Why didn’t the eggplant get out of the bush it fell in?”


“It doesn’t have arms or legs, it can’t lift itself up!”



Clover is playing a math game with Conrad. They are getting along well enough, but Conrad suddenly did really well, and Clover got bent out of shape, and stomped across the room to cool off, muttering at Conrad the whole time, maybe e cheated… :rofl:

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It was a mild winter day, very warm, and we wanted to go somewhere, have a pint, and people watch. Clover got and idea, and had to write it down! You can compare the image to the sentiment:

Where to go to have a pint I thought of the place that is Bacheesos.

C made a phone the other day:

Today, e produced a lappy to go with it:

Check out that login box! And of course it folds over. Many times, in fact. Better than yours!


C: When do you know you are an adult?

m: …

m: I don’t know.


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So interuptful!

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m: Wow, day at the museum and home made pizza for dinner! I’m digging your childhood!

C (without pause): I’m pretty used to it.