Companies against Immigration and Refugee Ban

Making a list of company statements against the executive order for banning immigrants and refugees from the US. This is a wiki page, so you can add links or leave a link in reply and we will add it later. :slight_smile:

For a comprehensive list of responses, check out

These are select responses, you can add your own. :slight_smile:

There are lots of them, but I’ll try to remember to add interesting ones. Silicon Valley Is Letting Donald Trump Get Away With It claiming they mostly are very weak.

We could have a section on “weak-ass responses” as well.

I think that requires a pretty close reading with lots of context about each company’s politics. The Intercept piece points out some weaknesses I didn’t notice seeing some of the statements beforehand, and in some cases the piece might be overclaiming weakness. Anyway would be interesting project to not only collect statements, but do both subjective/contextual and automated analysis of their language!

Thanks for starting this!

I just found out about this list:


That is an excellent resource! I will update the OP to show it. :blush:

So that is a big wall of opposition. Has any company come out in support of the order?

Wow, not that I know of! huh.

There is some critique of uber showing up under “good.” lol

Brief from ~90 organizations, mostly for-profit tech companies, but also Wikimedia Wikimedia Foundation joins amicus brief supporting challenge to U.S. immigration and travel restrictions – Wikimedia Blog

Some background on what is driving companies to take a stance