#DoBetter: Palantir protest Wed 1/18/17

Palantir and Peter Thiel should be held accountable for potentially enabling Trump’s efforts to deport 3 million immigrants and create a Muslim database.

10am in Palo Alto today. I’m not gonna be there because of work, but I spent the long weekend making signs. And a big vinyl waterproof banner that says “tech workers demand justice.” One of my signs is in the Tengwar script, used to write in Quenya (the Elvish language that the word Palantìr is from). It says “there is always hope.” I hope someone carries it for me.


Protest webpage: http://dobetter.tech/
fb event: Protest Palantir - No Profits from Muslim DB + Mass Deportations
Tech Workers Coalition: https://techworkerscoalition.org/

Articles before:

Articles during:

Articles after:

Other articles about Palantir/Thiel:

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And this is me panic-wall-of-text-yelling because I’m overwhelmed with feelings and I’ve blended everything together, personal, identity, political, fear, hope, terror, determination: Facebook

I wish I could read that, but I don’t have a facebook account, and I know I sound loony but I don’t even like clicking on a fb link.

But even without reading it, I am in a similar situation as far as being overwhelmed with feelings about the current situation. :anguished:

Hey, ctrl+a, ctrl+c, ctrl+v that over here (or yer blahg)! :blush: