Connecting the points

Writing I, witness: the Crocodile is terribly fun, and I realized it is basically storytelling like I do in tabletop RPGs.

Instead of players I have one person to explain to me the facts of the fiction: Clover. This has shown me that I both deeply appreciate collaborating with one person, and also how much fun it is to play with a lot of fact-makers.

Rather than dice I using people I know to create the random events that occur. Kinda perfect for a narrative, but I wish I had something a bit crunchier…

I’ve been mulling over the discussion about D&D races, and how much the fiction gets in the way of me enjoying games like Dungeon World, which plays with the spirit of what I like in gaming, if not the actual text. After all, DW’s setting is based on what the creators liked from D&D.

So I got to thinking, maybe I should “hack” Dungeon World/Powered by the Apocalypse to emulate the parts of gaming that I really like. Because I do like D&D. But I also like Slayers (for humor). And Final Fantasy (for magitek and crystals). And Archer (for tone). And 4e (for “points of light” and unified metaphysics). And Eberron (for not even caring). And Magic: The Gathering (for the kitchen sink). And Fate (for fractals and and narrative-based gambling). And Guild Wars 2 (for dragons and Eternal Alchemy).

I like less “grim” and more “strange”. I like magic as fuel. And “evil” means dead, demon or outside of reality.

And I think I am gonna play something like that. Let me know if you are interested. :slight_smile:


I want to play a bunch of these games to see how they actually flow in practice, but a system I’ve caught wind of and have high hopes for is City of Mists.

It seems to meld the parts of PbtA and Fate that work, and I’ve only read a little bit on themebooks, but I think I could use that concept to generate a lot of setting-specific themes for nearly any game I’d want to play.

Changing the central conceit of Logos vs Mythos is an interesting challenge, but when you consider themes as cards that evolve your character over time, I think I could alternate systems out to emulate genre fiction in particular ways.