Create an ideation category

I am totally down with brainstorm, but we do already have brainstuff. Is that too… brainy?

Aside: do we need a zombie emoji?

Any synonyms for brainstorm stand out for ya?

We’re going with a brain theme here! :+1:

I keep going back to ‘creativity’ but that isn’t correct. I am reminded of walks around the neighborhood, with no destination, just a walk and talk. That is the spirit of what I am thinking. What about brainstorm for now, and if something eventually is discovered to be better, then we change it?

I can definitely see uses for a zombie emoji!

How about ideate? I love that word, and it captures the walk and think you describe. :slight_smile:

Ideate is perfect! :slight_smile:

Okay, ideate is a verb, so should we go with ideate, or ideation? I am partial either way, and ideate sounds like a declaration, so it seems fine, even if the other fora are noun-based.

How is this for a description:

Brainstorm and workshop your neat ideas here! Create new patterns, and get feedback from strangers on the internet! It is like taking a walk with you friends, and telling them just how great the future will be, but through a web-based megaphone. Nice!

I like ideate the best. Your description is spot on sir!

Doh, for some reason I didn’t see this reply until just now. I went with ideation, because when you search for that, it shows a lot more useful results (and different ones), than from ideate, and I figured we wanted folks to get acclimated to the idea sooner than later.

But we can change it still, I am going to have assessment periods for the forums, where we can change all that stuff. :slight_smile:

Say hello to! :slight_smile:

woot! I’ll be posting later today, after some errands. :relaxed: