Discover Dolphin Emulator

Slick warez, works better than expected, and I just read Dolphin Emulator - Introducing the Netplay Server Browser, which is really frickin’ impressive!


  • Warez pages
  • Feature breakdown
  • Play games and report back!

Ive got all the gear to rip gamecube disks, but ive not done it yet. Gotta get on this quest to.


Rip Baten Kaitos
Run it in Dolphin
Actually find out if my laptop can do that competently.


Started a page at Dolphin Emulator, we can do a features breakdown there, if folks are curious.

I’ve played a lot of games with Dolphin, including Skies of Arcadia, Animal Crossing, and a few others. My number 1 complaint is that Nintendo chose crazy-ass control schemes for their hardware, which makes it difficult to map to a “normal” controller. Like… what even was the GC controller?!

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