Discover Dragonsphere

The most aptly names of the games involving dragons and spheres…

No idea how I came upon this game, either. I don’t know anything about it. My secret hope: a fantasy Breakout/Arkanoid game, improving on Wiz Orb.

Game page

It’s a really well done adventure game, like Kings quest, etc. It’s really pretty too!

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Whatever you do, don’t read the wiki article for this: the plot is half the article, and just spills the beans all over the page!

Available from GOG. Okay, let’s play it.

Oh hey, the installer is 79MB, but the flac soundtrack is 547MB?! Okay, that’s weird enough I want to know more.

Hmmm, how shall we do this? A play topic in #gaming, maybe a soundtrack topic in #mediaclub? We get to set how this goes. :slight_smile:

Okay, so I know the gist of it: point-and-click game from 90’s, available DRM-free from GOG. Seems like fun to play… so making a quest for that! Ha! :slight_smile:

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