Discover FTL: Advanced Edition

Not sure if “Advanced Edition” is just a collection of updates or what, but I’ve had some version of this game since it was released, never played.

Game page

@tim, this is the quest you want! :slight_smile:

Okay, if you were looking at a spreadsheet of data about your video game collection, what would the fields be and what would they say for FTL:AE?

Some just gave me a weapon pre-igniter! With this load out:

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Got my first win the other day!


Oh sweet fire beam. I only recently realized how effective/nightmarish that is.

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I had this idea to just add games to a database, and as we want to answer questions about games, I’d auto-generate questions to answer.

If I map attributes to Wikidata attributes, I could even offer to accept an answer, or pop folks directly to update a record on Wikidata. :sunglasses:

@tim, the page is look pretty sparse at the moment. :slight_smile:

What information shall we put there? :thinking:

You want to list games by composer, ne? Maybe we want to add them?

@tim just mentioned something to me, and it helped me realize I control the quest board, and I’m not into building a game archive (well, for commercial games, anyhow).


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