Discover how to process compliments

Blah, this is a big one. In this sense, “process” refers to both receiving and giving compliments.

In general I sense folks struggle with this. Why do I sense that? Because I hear folks chatting about it, and then promptly walk the other direction because I can’t be bothered to think about it…

Also, we have that expression where someone is complimented, they begin rambling, catch themselves, take a deep breath and mutter something like, “just accept the compliment”, smiling tightly.

I’d like to know how to give and receive compliments, and I’d like to model that for others around me, especially those folks that tend to be really short and scrutinize my every action.

Oh snap, I used to make these things personal… hmmm, if we were to rewrite this to be actionable, how’d we do it?