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Author page
Creation list

heya! where would an author page and creation list go? here on talkgroup?

Well… I think of creators as taxonomy terms. Primarily because I don’t like building databases of people.

As an author I’d say a wiki topic in #mediaclub. Then we can edit and link from it as needed. I say that because talkgroup main concern is us discussing their works. If they ever join they can wiegh in (its a wiki after all).

We can also coordinate updating their info in a public database, such as wikidata.

Let’s work back from the problem we’re solving. What use is an author page? I’d say it would be nice to have a good website listing authors. If I built it for me, I’d promote authors I thought were important. I’d explain why, even if just tagged.

In that sense, maybe it makes sense to create our “you should read” lists in #mediaclub, and focus on the books. As we discuss it will invite discussion and readalongs.

For the books, folks will do their own things. I thought of building a list of places to buy books, but for individual books that changes often enough to require maintainance, combined with the fact most publishing companies are bullshit. I’d rather we just pirate enough to read together without drawing attention.

So be bold and we’ll figure it out. :slight_smile: