The Inheritance Trilogy Non-Wiki

I wanted to post this here because N.K. Jemisin asks the same questions I ask:

but I don’t think I realized back then just how difficult it is to set up a public wiki. I could post this stuff free on an ad-supported wiki site, or for a small fee I could create a semi-private wiki with a limited number of people given creation/editing privileges, or if I weren’t already leery of large companies’ increasing encroachment on individuals’ privacy and intellectual property I could create a Google Site. Since none of those solutions really appeals to me…

This is what Webcraft is all about!!!

This post here has no spoilers or anything about the books, but of course her documents linked therein do.


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Always interested to hear folks working through the issue their running into.

Here’s one strange thing, though:

You can read it here or post it elsewhere to wikify if you want; let’s consider these Non-Wiki pages to be Creative Commons Sharealike (also Non-Commercial, Attribution). Note the non-commercial: please don’t put it in an ad-supported wiki. I’m not interested in my work helping to sell male performance enhancement supplements or whatever.

I’m not sure NC covers such a use-case. @mlinksva, remind me, is NC doing what this creator wants?

In case it seems like I’m modeling calling on Mike whenever I have a CC question, it is because I would just be sending this to em anyhow, so I’m using this as a shorthand. Folks, don’t abuse my CC resource friend!

I’m already interested in reading these books, but now there is this added incentive! Getting to see the notes is such a geek plus activity! :slight_smile:

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In the license:

NonCommercial means not primarily intended for or directed towards commercial advantage or monetary compensation.

I doesn’t say no ads whatsoever, but it’s not clear where the line is either. I guess it is probably sending the signal the creator wants, more or less. Whether they’d win any particular dispute, who knows.