N.K. Jemisin

She’s awesome! I read the “shattered earth” trilogy some time a month ago, and the “inheritance” trilogy just now.

I used the sfpl to check out the inheritance trilogy, and read it on kindle (the app for ios and a small refurbished kindle paperwhite i’ve had for a while now). I posted some of my “highlighted” passages from the inheritange trilogy: https://www.goodreads.com/notes/22211754-the-inheritance-trilogy/120790-judytuna

I haven’t used that feature of goodreads before (making your reading notes “social” via public posting of your highlights) but I’m not gonna lie: I like it for now. I’ve always liked the private highlighting: it’s convenient to highlight and comment inline, directly in the kindle native app or, more clumsily, pressing on the kindle device and fumbling until you get the right words. And it shows you passages “others” have highlighted; you can turn it off, but it defaults to on. I’ve left it on for curiosity but I don’t like it as much? My eye jumps down when I see the dotted underline, I can’t resist the distraction. Why do I highlight things? I don’t really have any rhyme or reason. Bits I like. A fantasy of writing an essay like I last did 15 years ago. Maybe thoughts about “social” reading should go in … webcraft? Digital privacy? hmm

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Copy and paste is the best API. Here we go:

The Inheritance Trilogy
by N.K. Jemisin
Read between December 06 - December 09, 2018


“Love can level the ground between mortals and gods,


“Does that mean I could sing my magic, like you?”

i love this.


And then you will yourself to move, and your body moves. You believe it will happen, so it happens. That’s how magic is for us.”

haha this is like karl friston The Genius Neuroscientist Who Might Hold the Key to True AI | WIRED


Loneliness is a darkness of the soul.”


That was all magic was, really, in the end. Possibility. With it I could create anything, provided I believed.

i do believe in fairies! i do! i do!


I DIDN’T SLEEP THAT NIGHT, though I could have. The urge was there, itchy. I imagined the craving for sleep as a parasite feeding on my strength, just waiting for me to grow weak so that it could take over my body. I had liked sleep, once, before it became a threat.



Unemployment, frustrating as it was, represented progress.)



All civilization, every bit of it, is made to keep the Arameri strong. That is how they’ve survived after losing you. That is why the only solution is to destroy everything they’ve built. Good and bad, all of it is tainted. Only by starting fresh can we truly be free again.”


and because the last thing anyone noticed about a six-foot-tall black woman was the aura of magic.



“If it is permanent, there will be little need for servants here, going forward.” And little need for the age-old divisions between highbloods and low, among Arameri family members. I smiled down at the boot. How like Yeine.


I talked to some siblings. Some of them did not want to talk to me but others did. One called the Dreamer told me that he had not been able to find himself for a long, long time—so long that he gave up trying, and thought it would never happen, and resolved to just be sad and empty forever. But then it happened. “It will happen,” he said, which made me feel better. I asked him how he’d made himself be less empty during that long time, and he said he had filled the emptiness with other people’s love for a little while. “But without love of the self, others’ love will never be enough.” I didn’t understand that part so I just nodded and went away.

“it gets better”

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