Highlighting while reading

Continuing the discussion from N.K. Jemisin:

I sometimes use the annotation thing on my, um… gah!

I know I don’t have to type this KOBO! I have a Kobo, um, something. I knew if I just talked I’d get it. Anyhow, annotation, and saves it as XML on the device, which I then imported into WordPress and generated threaded posts of my notes, with tags and stuff.

Aside: wow, I sure do some crazy stuff with WordPress. I wish I didn’t hate it so much.

My next version of this is to do a form of live annotation here on talkgroup. Following the rough format of my deep dives, where I go section by section or chapter or whatevs, leave notes, generate discussion, spin off new conversations as needed, load up related quests, and link to existing notes.

I didn’t read your notes on that site, because I can’t interact with it without a company and a bunch of folks I don’t know doing stuff with my metadata. Here, we are all just producing discourse for the public, no strings attached, easily accessible.

That brings up an interesting question about POV, doesn’t it? Depending on where one stands, the ability to share becomes a freedom, rather than a transaction. Or something. :slight_smile: