Discover Rust

This quest to discover Rust was automagically added, as described at I'm gonna do a silly thing that adds hundreds of posts to the quest board... :slight_smile:

I’ve wanted to play this since I read about the gender and body types being randomly chosen, but I never go around to it. Apparently I have a copy somewhere… :slight_smile:

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If I ever have a computer that runs it; I definitely want to play this game.

I’m trying to run it now, not working.

I didn’t realize:

  • it is multiplayer only (thought I could local sandbox it)
  • requires Steam

I’ll probably be able to close this quest with a write up of the skin and gender thing, and move along.

What the fuxk is asset warmup? All my other games seem to do fine with cold assets.

Never mind, crashed for the third time. Two more times than I normally give a game.

Quest complete with run down and analysis of id in game.

Before I uninstall: 17.7GB!

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