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Trine is a great, fun game! And I believe there are three of them. I only got to a level in the first game that I thought was very near the end, but involved a game of “stay out of the lava while climbing this tower in bullet hell”, and I kinda left it there. I recall it being very funny, with clever platforming.

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That’s where I stopped too. I think it was last level. Tara and I were playing it co op, and it was freaking awesome for me to be doing wizardy summoning planks above us to protect us while she was rangering around.

So, do you use different controllers, but still the same single character? Can up to three people play?

Different players play a different character. Twas pretty fun!

Okay, to be very clear: I’ve only ever played by myself, and I would switch between them constantly. As far as I know, there can only be a single active character at a time. So…

When you are done “platforming”, do you hand over the controls to Tara, or does e press a button to change from eir own controller, or…?

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To be just as clear, our two characters totally played at the exact same time.

I could conjure boxes in the sky and she could harpoon them for a split second, etc.

And I could be the fighter, and have my shield pointed upwards, and she could jump on it.

OMFG, I had no idea! That sounds like a lot of fun!

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