Game session, rule clarification

Last night was our fifth Dungeon and Dragons game session, and the beginning of our second dungeon crawl. We all just leveled, but because we waited to go back to town/take an extended rest to level we are almost to our next level. Yay!

Something that has come up a lot for my character is how teleportation works. It is a really interesting mechanic, but if you look online you will find a handful of questions that are not answered in the existing rules (the largest being it one can teleport a non-willing creature off a cliff face). Because of this I have been reading up on the keyword selections and power sources for the teleportation powers, trying to figure out what flavor and fairness would dictate. I have a really big list of house rules that I am going to propose to our gaming group, and after they have had time to look at them I will share them in the complex.

The others haven’t had a chance to edit them at the time of this posting, but the game session notes are up. Someone almost died, that was exciting.

And e was kinda asking for it, too.