Divisio and the Capsules

I had an idea a long time ago, haven’t implemented, and just got a notice that two of my domains are about to expire.

Divisio was going to be a service where I ran a WordPress multi-network (of which each network was multisite [yep, it does that!]), and run a bunch of plugins and themes that change WordPress into essentially an app framework.

The first two services were going to be Capsule individual and group networks. From the site:

The developer’s code journal. Capsule replaces that scratch document you have open when you’re coding. It creates an archive of your development artifacts.

I actually use Capsule fairly regularly, it works surprisingly well for not having been updated in a couple of years. You can demo it at http://demo.crowdfave.com/capsule/, with login and pass being demo.

There is also a server version, where it combines the posts from a category on the individual sites into a group log of notes. Could be useful, though I’ve never used it as such.

It is a theme, and it changes how WordPress works substantially. A site will only really run this theme, and won’t work as well without it, or switching to it. That is where Divisio comes in!

Basic idea: you sign up and get a site at https://capsule.red/maiki. That is yours, and we make it a one person per site deal. Then, you can add a site at https://capsule.blue/teamawesome, and invite other folks to join that server edition of the theme, to sync their notes.

The brilliant part is that while Capsule fails quietly if there is a connection issue when syncing, because it is technically the same server/multi-network, that shouldn’t ever be an issue!

And it would mean we could give folks dev notes hosting for free, and eventually roll out other interesting services on sub-networks.

The problem: not sure if I am into it anymore. I was more into the challenge, but I know how to do it. And because I never shared it with anyone, I am not sure if it would be useful, per se. I made a pact with myself that after a year, if I hadn’t used a domain I will let it expire. Capsule, because of the theme, and .red for individuals, and .blue for folks that want to be part of a group (get it?).

Whatcha think?

This all sounds cool. I could see using capsule.red for my private journal and my programming notes; yay tags!

Also, am I correct in thinking capsule.blue could be used for syncing and correlating #slice or some other tag from our individual red sites? Because that is dope.

It seems like this would solve a lot of problems for me; I say go for it @maiki !


Hey! Capsule looks really slick from the demo. I especially like the tagging. I haven’t used it before. I’ve been using Evernote on my machine for a scratch file, and sometimes just plain text files that I leave around and rarely remember to save on Dropbox. None of these are free or open source. So I put my vote next to tim’s: go for it =)

What are some examples of “other interesting things,” while we’re ideating?

(Still figuring out talkgroup! Trying to edit which entity I’m replying to. Doesn’t look like I can!)

Well, a sub-network would probably work for the journaling idea I had. I’ve used Capsule for years, and it does dev notes really well (though not mobile friendly), but I prefer to take journal notes using something like P2. I would use something like that as a network.

Then there is the theme based on reveal.js. You can read about it, some think it should be a plugin, but I like the idea of using WordPress as the framework for it (and Capsule is also a theme, loaded up with functionality.

That all said, and despite the encouragement from you peeps, I just don’t have it in me to set this up. I am still interested in some kind of journaling system that is easy to use and not dependent on a third-party, but running multisite networks is something I’m over. It just doesn’t hold the same technical weight it did in the past. And a lot of these packages are not actively supported, even to just bump up the compatibility numbers, so it would be a losing battle.

If I run a multisite instance, it will be for free hosting for very specific types of sites that follow guidelines I set out, specifically non-creepy blogs (meaning ones that don’t track folks or serve them ads). And that has been on the back burner for a while. :slight_smile: