doily (also doiley, doilie, doyly, doyley)

Doilies, amirite?

Clover was sorting miniature things this morning and I noticed a little doily!

How do you spell… doily?

  • doily
  • doiley
  • doilie
  • doyly
  • doyley

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When I was a kid doilies were a way people kept others off their furniture. I was reminded of this, and then read how it is used as an antimacassar. Now I wonder: did I hang out at places full of old furniture, or just very passive-aggressive hosts…

So. Many. Doilies.

Disposable paper doilies “were designed as a cheaper but respectable alternative to crocheted linen doilies” and are commonly used to decorate plates, placed under the food for ornamentation. In the UK, “sales rocketed in the 1950s as a reaction to post-war austerity and the doily quickly became a symbol of upward social mobility.” However, the UK is currently experiencing a decline, prompting a “Save our Doilies” campaign. Once “a symbol of suburban gentility” they are now perceived as outdated.

Note to self: include doilies in post-apocalyptic story.

My Great-Grandmom had those all over her house. It’s like 100% fancy boost.

Normal end-table with flower vase on it? Ho hum. Slap a doiley on it. Now it pops! :sparkles: