Eternal sunshine on the spotless sandbox

A funny thing has happened in the last few nights during bed time: C has suddenly become afraid of the dark. I thought it was a stalling tactic, but @susan noticed that when we play Minecraft C is vigilant in ensuring that I sleep in a bed as soon as possible, in order to timeskip the night (and the monsters). So dur.

Since I play primarily to spend time with C, I am accommodating eir comfort and will be turning off the day-night cycle.

I know that will be inconvenient. Leaving a trail of torches, for instance, won’t be as effective. And XP gains will be greatly reduced to large caverns, the Nether and the End. But ya know, kids have their entire lives to cultivate fear, I am in no hurry to speed that up.

One thing that will be difficult is setting a new spawn by sleeping in a bed. But we can just manually account for that: if you need to change your spawn, we can arrange a time to log in and turn it to night for the bed, and then set it back. If I can, I will look into setting spawn with a game command, but I only intend to use commands for the day cycle and spawn points.

Very interesting! It is not my favorite, I thrive on the nights of Bathos. I fully support you stopping time for C though. I estimate that some day, perhaps soon, e will not be quite so threatened by the darkness and monsters. It took me some time to get there.

There are plenty of other ways to obtain everything needed or wanted. Ghasts drop gunpowder, and Enderpearls can be discovered in chests. Perhaps the time has come for me to punch a portal through the end to the nether so those so inclined have access to celestial minerals.

XP gain can be safely mitigated by animal husbandry and processing wood and ore in furnaces.

I think I’ll build a little temple with quartz and gold. When the night returns, C can blow it up with TNT. :0

Okay, night cycle is back on. Clover apparently wanted more stakes in the game. And we are using alternative methods for dealing with nighttime routine. We think having downtime between gaming and sleeping will help, using that transition time to reset expectations. :slight_smile: