New Bathos and Cloverland map renders

@kevin, I did a recent render of the Minecraft servers. They are kinda big, so I hope by the time you read this they will be uploaded:

You can switch between three maps with the dropdown:

  • New Bathos - centered so one can see both our homesteads.
  • New Bathos Nether - centered on the portal. Not a great render, but might help you find that fort again.
  • Cloverland - our creative server, where Clover builds things in Lego, and then I replicate it.

The repo is over a gig at this point, but I don’t think it will get too much bigger. As long as @kevin doesn’t go on apparent round-a-loops in the overworld… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ha-ha! Those roundaloops denote my ability to survive arduous nights in the wild. As soon as I can turn up some jungle saplings, I will make a concerted effort to tap into an abandoned fort. We have a slimehunting ground and potions, so we will not need to venture into hell sin prophylaxis.

@kevin, there is a way to add map markers. The gist is, add a bracketed prefix to a sign (probably put it on the first line), and let me know what it is, and when I render the map again, it will add them as a marker.

So, if you put a sign at the Nether Fort you found, place a sign with [netherfort] and it will show up on that map! :slight_smile:

What a fun feature. I am definitely going to mark that Nether fortress. It
is huge.

Not really sure what I was thinking, but I decided do a lot more rendering, and also figuring out how to host the static files in an S3 bucket. Uploading 6.3GB of maps at the moment. :slight_smile:

That is awesome. Also, I had forgotten about ‘tagging’ things in game with that sign syntax. So cool!

What is also cool is the ability to link to a specific spot on the map. For instance, I really want to armor up and check out this ominous cave…

Oh, that isn’t that ominous. It is between my old village and the sky scraper, so I’ve walked by lots of times. It is just a big opening. :slight_smile:

Latest renders and new (temporary) address:

New renders, including sweet semi-protected desert village with villager trans-location rail system in place: !!!