A crypto-currency a couple years in the making, and supported by a coop.

  • Ecological: very low power consumption for transaction control
  • Safe: cooperatively validated nodes (CVNs, see FAQs)
  • Fast: transaction confirmation each three minutes
  • Ethical: supports fair business values
  • Future Safe: some blockchain parameters are adjustable by design
  • Strong: high commitment by several cooperatives worldwide
  • Controlled growth: official price is 1 FAIR for 50 Eurocent (see our slow price adoption strategy)
  • Vibrant: strong community with daily online collaboration & regular local nodes meetings
  • Democratic: strategy and decision making in monthly assemblies

I am going to do more research, but this could be worth incorporating into my billing, to encourage its use. I wonder if it is Euro-centric, as it is pegged to a Eurocent amount.

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I skimmed and not sure I understand how proof of cooperation works. Would like to read a critical take, but couldn’t find one. OTOH, faircoin is apparently doing well since migrating to proof of cooperation on July 17 https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/faircoin/ and is 63rd on https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/views/all/

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OMG! I didn’t know there were that many coins out there!

I’ve been staying apprised of major events (like the recent Aug 1 BTC clusterfuck), but once specialized mining hardware gave way to no amount of hardware will be worth the mining, a lot of the magic of crytocurrencies left for me. I was waiting for the special hardware wallets that everyone would be paying each other with, but that seems a way off.

But now I kinda want to dig into that list and find a dumb, low stakes coin to geek out on!

@mlinksva do you recall a coin that was for farming, like, green agriculture? It had a thing built-in that decreased the value over time, so it discouraged hoarding. I thought FairCoin was that at first, then found it was this whole other thing. But I can’t find that other one. And you can put just about anything in front of -coin and find some random site, so my search isn’t finding success.

Freicoin is the first (at least that I heard of) with demurrage built in.

I don’t know of any for farming, but there probably are some.

I would do lots of research on any coin. My guess is given a random one, it is probably a scam of some form, more or less same as penny stocks.

Ah yeah! Freicoin. Thanks for the reminder. Also that is it is called demurrage. :slight_smile:

I think I was introduced to Freicoin by a farming collective, as a cryptocurrency aligned with their other values. I vaguely recall that…

This is why I am more active lately, because I need to keep more notes, and talking about it is an easy way to make them searchable!

I am in the research stage of a crytocoin directory.


Not really on topic, but FairCoin and Freicoin are going to be my first two entries. :slight_smile: