Make cryptocoin directory

There are a lot of cryptocurrencies. I’d like to start using them and building a directory of features and usage notes.

It would also be fun to create an address for each one as a tip jar for!

Define common attributes for data pages
Make initial quests for adding coins to directory

One of the things we can track are features and anti-features. For instance, BTC is using an irresponsible amount of energy, and therefore its usage contributes inordinately to climate change. If one looks at most lists of currencies, these details are not included.

Not a popular theme. I wonder if cryptocoin will produce anything interesting…

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I am actually bumping AND voting on this, because now I want this directory!

I’d love to put a little bit of monies into an energy-conscious cryptocurrency, mostly for funsies.

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I’ve always wanted a massive amount of Dogecoin, to sponsor things like game tournaments: Whoever wins this 16-person MTG trouney gets 50… THOUSAND dogeCOINS! :slight_smile:

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