Fairphone Open ships F-Droid Privileged Extension!

The built-in Fairphone Updater makes it really easy to switch a Fairphone away from the Google Android version to Fairphone Open. And now, Fairphone Open includes F-Droid! That means it is a fully functional device, removing the requirement to flash extra packages to get an app store. It also means that F-Droid works without enabling “Unknown Sources”. Then your Fairphone Open can automatically update apps and it’ll have a smoother install experience where you just need to press install once, and the whole process will finish in the background (when you are ready for background updates, go to F-Droid’s Settings to enable them).

This is just way cool! I’ve always found F-Droid to be the superior app management experience, but I always note how scary that “Unknown Sources” message is for most folks.

Also, makes Fairphone the most interesting Android device, by far.

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