Fairphone + Ubuntu, sitting in a tree

Originally published at: https://interi.org/2017/01/fairphone-ubuntu-sitting-in-a-tree/

The other day I mentioned:

There is apparently no plan to make new Ubuntu phones at the moment.[...] I still can’t order a Fairphone.

As if to rub it in my face, a Fairphone 2 Running Ubuntu Will Be On Show at MWC17.

Okay, that is kinda neat. Bummer for me, but I am not sure I am even going to move forward with a smartphone at all. But it is nice to see two interesting alternatives coming together like that. Mobile computing is always the lowest common denominator between hardware and software.

What’s more, I hadn’t heard of the Ubports. Turns out, one of the devices they’ve ported Ubuntu Touch to is the Nexus 5… which happens to be my current mobile. So while the case may be coming apart and the SIM is only read half the time, maybe it would make a decent test device. Or I could pick up a used one for ~$100.

Fortunately, not having the telephony portion of my mobile hasn’t adversely affected me yet. If someone made it easy for me to get a Fairphone I would definitely go for it, but as it is I am just waiting to see how hard it is to get a Nokia 150. The humorous observation here is that Americans are stuck in consumer/destruction land… and I’d rather not play this game.