Farlands – Systemic Crafting of Evil Islands

This is a really cool breakdown of a good crafting system. Now I’m thinking maybe my ascii games need crafting…

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That system sounds really cool!

All in all, in the game there’s 33 materials, 35 weapon blueprints, and 124 armor blueprints. By RPG standards that’s not THAT much. Until you realize that altogether there’s actually 686 possible crafted items in the game, that are fairly easy to grasp for the players due to a very modular nature of the system.

That seems like a lot to me! I wonder why we expect there to be thousands of combinations in crafting systems. Sometimes I figure, look at all the best possible crafted items, and make one or two generations progress of crafting to get there, and then be done.

We have that problem in LOTRO, where I can’t even play because I have sacks of runestones from ancient races of men and elves, but like, not soooo old as to be from a separate age, just far enough that it had faded from the memories of man, but after the song of creation, of course! Yeah, super easy to keep track of…

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What is super neat about this method is, there is no ultimate spell for damage, it all really depends on how you want to play.

I slept on this, and my mind shattered open and a thousand game ideas poured out. I have documented a lot of them.